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Welcome to the website of the Co-Ordinated Radio 'N' Infrared Survey for High-mass star formation or CORNISH. This project is the radio continuum part of a series of multi-wavelength surveys of the Galactic Plane that focus on the northern GLIMPSE region (l=10o to 65o, |b|<1o), completed by the Spitzer space telescope in the mid-IR.

Examples of CORNISH sources
A planetary nebula (top-left), HII region complex (top-middle) and quasar (top-right) imaged by CORNISH. The false-colour mid-infrared images come from the GLIMPSE and UKIDSS projects while contours trace the radio emission detected by the KVLA. Click for a larger version

CORNISH has delivered a uniform, sensitive and high-resolution 5 GHz radio continuum survey to address key questions in high-mass star formation, as well as many other areas of astrophysics. The survey was conducted using the Karl Jansky Very Large Array in B-configuration, yielding a 1.5 arcsecond resolution map, which matches well to the resolution of GLIMPSE. With a noise level < 0.4 mJy/beam the survey is tailored to search for UCHII regions across the Galaxy, but has also detected a wide range of radio-bright objects identified in other categories.

To date, the CORNISH catalogue is the most uniformly sensitive, homogeneous and complete list of compact radio-emission sources at 5 GHz towards the northern Galactic plane.

News and Announcements

2013-May-08: Data and Catalogue Release

The high-reliability CORNISH catalogue has now been released on the catalogue page. The full catalogue contains over 3,000 entries and may be retrieved as a plain-text ASCII or CSV file (compatable with most spreadsheet programs and table viewers). The catalogue may also be viewed as a web-page containing links to the image data and detailed information on each source.

Tiled images in FITS format are available for download using wget scripts and a cutout service is provided for creating custom image atlases. In addition, the calibrated uv-data for a sky coordinate may be downloaded via the uv-data server.

2012-Dec-13: Design and Catalogue Papers Accepted

The papers describing the design of the survey, characterising the data and presenting the official CORNISH catalogue have been accepted for publication. For full details and preprints see the publications page and we will make the uv-data and full catalogues available here in the near future.

Participating Institutions in Alphabetical Order

The University of Leeds and the University of Manchester (JBCA) in the UK lead a team drawn from 12 other institutions worldwide.

The University of Barcelona Logo The University of Barcelona, Spain.
Boston University Logo Boston University, USA.
Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica Logo Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico.
Cornell University, USA.
>Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory Logo Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Canada.
The University of Hertfordshire Logo The University of Hertfordshire, UK.
The University of Jaen Logo The University of Jaen, Spain.
University of Leeds Logo University of Leeds, UK.
Liverpool John Moores University Logo Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
The University of Manchchester Logo The University of Manchchester,
Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, UK.
The University of Maryland logo The University of Maryland, USA.
The National Radio Astronomical Observatory Logo The National Radio Astronomical Observatory, USA..
The University of Southampton Logo The University of Southampton, UK.
The University of Wisconsin Logo The University of Wisconsin, USA.