CORNISH Image Cutout Server

Square FITS and PNG format postage-stamp images may be extracted from the CORNISH data using the forms below. Equatorial coordinates may be in H:M:S / D:M:S or decimal degree format, Galactic coordinates must be in decimal format. The maximum allowed image size is 20 arcminutes. For more than one position please use the batch cutout server below, which runs in the background on the web server. Links to the query results will be deleted after 24 hours.

Coordinate System:
Size:  arcminutes
Coordinate System:
Equatorial (J2000) FITS file
Galactic FITS file.
Overlay catalogue sources on PNG? No  Yes
Currently only works for Equatorial coordinates.

Example Equatorial Inputs:

18:46:04.17 -02:39:21.22 or 18h46m04.17s -02d39m21.22s or
18 46 04.17 -02 39 21.22 or 281.517375 -2.655894

Example Galactic Inputs:

29.9573 -00.0177

Batch Image Cutout Server

Submit a list of coordinates to be extracted from the CORNISH data. The cutout script runs in the background and once started you can close the results page so long as you remember to bookmark the unique address. The largest allowed image size is 10 arcminutes. The maximum number of lines in the input catalogue is 1000 and the size of the catalogue file must be less than 10 MB.

Input File:
Coordinate System:
Size:  arcminutes
Coordinate System:
Equatorial (J2000) FITS files
Galactic FITS files.

Input file format

The input file should be a space delimited plain text file. It is assumed columns one and two are the RA / l, and Dec / b positions. The contents of an optional third column is used to name the output FITS files, otherwise the name will be constructed from the line number within the input file plus the Galactic coordinates. It is not possible to mix Equatorial and Galactic coordinate types in the one file, however, mixing decimal degrees and (h:m:s, d:m:s) types is acceptable for Equatorial coordinates. Example input files are shown below:


# RA Dec (Name)

18:11:31.99 -19:30:41.66 G11.11-0.40
18h26m48.43s, -12d26m28.04s MyFavouriteSource

# The next source will be automatically named
18:34:25.20 -07:54:45.83
18:38:08.27 -06:45:58.16 # This one too!
18:37:05.14 -06:29:37.81
18:46:04.17 -02:39:21.22
18:46:59.36 -02:07:24.69
18:52:50.43 00:55:28.68
19:01:53.59 04:12:51.73
19:23:39.93 14:31:09.37

# Decimal format coordinates are interpreted as
# (hours, degrees) e.g.:
294.91512495 21.62513611 G57.5473-0.2730

# l b (Name)

11.110159 -0.399397 G11.11-0.40
19.074807 -0.287191 MyFavouriteSource
23.955603 0.150322
25.397638 -0.141120
25.519596 0.216025
29.956447 -0.017545
30.534998 0.020985
33.914711 0.109573
37.873741 -0.399217
49.490700 -0.368764
57.547519 -0.272499 G57.5473-0.2730